Introduction: My Singing Monsters Easter Eggs

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Hoppy Eggs-travaganza! Celebrate this eggs-traordinary season by decorating three simple Easter eggs inspired by your favorite Singing Monsters: Dandidoo, Toe Jammer, and Blabbit!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make these monstrously fun DIY Easter eggs, you will need the following materials:

  • Eggs (Real or Artificial)
  • Plastic Cups
  • Easter Egg Dye
  • Egg Dipper
  • Paintbrush
  • Blue Marker
  • Pink Icing or Fabric Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • White Pom Poms
  • Paper Towel

Step 2: Prepare Your Dye and Eggs

You will need three dye colors for this DIY: green for Dandidoo, blue for Toe Jammer, and purple for Blabbit! Take three plastic cups and follow the directions provided by your egg dying kit to prepare your dyes. Make sure you have paper towels laid out to catch any spills!

If you are using real eggs, you will need to remove the contents of the eggshells before dying them. Try hard-boiling your eggs or poking a hole in the shell. Using your egg dipper, dip one of your prepared eggs into your blue dye and let it sit until fully colored.

Step 3: Paint Blabbit’s Spots

Let’s start with the Monster that loves Eggs-travaganza most of all: Blabbit! Dip your paintbrush into your purple dye and paint spots onto a white egg to mimic Blabbit’s fur. Your spots don’t have to be perfect: Blabbit’s spots are all different shapes and sizes!

Step 4: Color Toe Jammer’s Bubbles

Next up, let’s begin decorating Toe Jammer’s egg! Begin by ensuring that the egg you dyed blue in Step 1 is fully dry. Next, take your blue marker and begin drawing circles in different sizes on your egg to represent Toe Jammer’s bubbly interior!

Step 5: Add Toe Jammer’s Details

Toe Jammer’s egg in My Singing Monsters is sprinkled with a few pink bubbles. To recreate these accents, squeeze a few small dabs of your pink icing or fabric paint in random spots on top of your Toe Jammer egg. Prop your egg up while it is drying so that it doesn’t roll over on your new pink accents!

Step 6: Tape Your Dandidoo Egg

Now for your third egg: Dandidoo! Dandidoo’s egg is striped, just like its grown up form. To make these stripes, you will need to wrap two strips of masking tape around a white egg as shown above. If your strips of masking tape are too wide, cut your strip down the middle to create thinner stripes.

Step 7: Dip Your Dandidoo Egg

With your masking tape firmly wrapped around your white egg, dip it into your green dye using your egg dipper. Let the egg rest in the dye until it has achieved a pale green color.

Step 8: Remove Your Tape and Dip Again!

Once your Dandidoo egg has completely dried, carefully remove the two strips of masking tape. The masking tape should reveal two clean white stripes around your egg. With the tape removed, dip your egg into your green dye again and let it rest. The areas you already dyed should darken, while the white stripes will become a paler shade of green. These two shades will create Dandidoo’s signature green stripes!

Step 9: Add Dandidoo’s Tufts

Now for the final step: adding the trademark tufts that decorate Dandidoo’s egg! Add a dab of glue or small piece of tape to the bottom of two equal-sized white pom poms. Next, gently press the pom poms onto the top of your Dandidoo egg, with one at each end of the egg. Now you have three fabulous My Singing Monsters eggs to hide this Eggs-travaganza!