Introduction: My Skateboard

My skateboard is a modification of the original. I want my skateboard not only to be a toy, but also to be a means of transportation for a little distance.The creative part is that my skateboard can realize the conversion between human drive and electric drive.As a skateboard toy, it is driven by human power and electric power is used for long distance skiing.I installed a motor for the skateboard and switched between the two modes by manually fixing and releasing the relative rolling of the shaft.

Step 1: The Skateboard Surface

First,sketch the section contour of skateboard, stretch it into the first hair embryo of skateboard surface, and make the front and rear warped face of skateboard into circular arc after the round corner command.

Step 2: Front Bearing Housing

Next is the skateboard support and the skateboard shaft. Skateboard support is mainly operated by combining commands such as stretching, combining and shearing, while skateboard axis is formed by drawing commands from modeling, which is a relatively complex part in the construction process of skateboard. But the entity that USES its modelling to build is very beautiful also.

Step 3: Connect the Piece to the Wheel

Next, the screw holes and hexagon screws are built on the slide plate, and the hard rubber and other small connectors are used for damping the slide plate.The next step is to design the skateboard wheel and the bearing connecting the skateboard wheel to the shaft .

Step 4: Power and Transmission Design

The next part is the innovation of skateboard. Usually, skateboard is driven by people. However, if skateboard has external power, it can be more than a toy in our life. The basic idea is to use electrical energy to make the motor run, passing through a series of gears to transfer power to the wheels. Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the skateboard surface to store energy for the battery where there is light.

Step 5: Design Switch

The biggest problem is in the process of conception of power and human power conversion, when driven by electric skateboard is along the transmission shaft, but human needs relatively fixed axis and the release of wheel shaft rotation, but this at the time of electric drive, shaft is free, relative to the wheel shaft is fixed.

The first picture is the free rotation of the fixed shaft. When the screw is screwed in, the shaft can be fixed. The screw can be threaded with two threads for quick installation and removal.

Two is a push-pull slide bar to limit the free rotation of the wheel. When the slide bar is pushed into the position corresponding to the wheel, the wheel is fixed

Step 6: Apply Colours to a Drawing

Finally, the assembly of the skateboard was completed, and the skateboard entered the rendering mode. Beautiful pictures were pasted on the skateboard, and the parts were changed into appropriate materials and colored.

Step 7: Ideological Thoughts

The process of building the skateboard was far more complicated than I had imagined, but I finally persevered and encouraged myself to think on the way, trying to make every detail perfect .The result is not satisfactory, to my relief is to build a skateboard to learn a lot.

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