Introduction: My Skateboard

This project built a skateboard model with
Fusion 360 software, and changed the material of the model and rendered it in the rendering interface.


Wood for skateboard, polyurethane for wheel, steel for bracket and shaft

Step 1:

Create sketches on the X-Y plane and draw a half-sided view of the skateboard. Then complete the sketch and stretch it to form a half skateboard cut in the middle.

Step 2:

In this design space, sketch and stretch the fixed bracket. And create the plane again on the newly drawn parts, and draw the part of the connecting shaft by lofting function. Then use the lofting function to draw the axle of the slide plate and the part connecting the bracket.

Step 3:

Draw the skateboard wheel and guide the bearing from the parts library. The skateboard wheels, bearings, shafts and brackets are connected by the connection function. In the skateboard, the threaded holes are made and the places where the nuts are placed by using the perforating function, and the nuts and skateboards are imported for connection.

Step 4:

The bracket is connected with the skateboard, and the whole skateboard is made by using the mirror function.

Step 5:

The bolts are imported from the parts library and assembled.

Step 6:

Insert the map to make the back of the skateboard look good.

Step 7:

Insert the map on the front and side of theskateboard. Change the material and color of the wheel. Punch holes in the axle and fix the skateboard wheel and axle with bolts.

Step 8:

Render skateboards.

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