Introduction: My Survival Fire Kit

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This is my fire kit that I keep in the front pouch. I got the case at a 2nd hand store for a dollar. If you have any other ideas please comment.

Step 1: Supplies

I have the following
2 orange waterproof cases that are a dollar at Walmart. One has some string that makes a good wick. They also have a striker to strike your knife and makes sparks.
Cotton balls in PJ for fire starting
Flint and steel
Dryer lint...very cheap and works well.
A couple candles (not shown) burn longer thank matches
A green thingy. Has a compass whistle flint striker and matches compartment.
A space blanket. Not sure why but fits good in there

Step 2:

Put together an make it organized because when you need it you need it quick

I want to make one of my whole survival bag but might take a while.