Introduction: My TARDIS

I recently finished my final year at High School and to help celebrate this great achievement my school decided to organise a costume day for the graduating year. I really wanted to dress up in a Doctor Who themed costume but I couldn't really find any that were really great, so I asked my Dad (who is excellent at making things) if he could help me to create my very own TARDIS. 
Unfortunately during the creation of my wonderful TARDIS we didn't take any measurements or note what we had bought. The entire structure was built to match my own height so that I could carry it around easily and stand inside it without slouching. 
We took a fairly basic yet effective approach to the design and the creation of the TARDIS and started building it with a simple light weight wooden structure that resembled a rectangular prism. The wood had to be light weight as I would be carrying it around all day. We then went and purchased a type of plastic card (it looks like cardboard but its made out of plastic) and used that for the paneling around the outside. 
I left my costume til the last minute but all in all it probably took 2 days (max) to make and 2 days to paint. 
If anyone has any questions about my TARDIS just ask. My Dad took the lead in the building of it so my description of how it was is very vague. Sorry about that.
I hope you all like our creation!!
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