Introduction: My Thoughts - Applying False Lashes Under Your Lashes

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So there is a trend going around about applying your lashes underneath your real lashes and I just wanted to share my experience.

I do show this is the video in this post.

Step 1:

So I followed everything as stated in a video doing this trend.

I first tried to apply this to the underneath of the lash and first I want to say this was allot harder then applying this on the top of the lash as you cant really see what you are doing as you need to look up and away from a mirror.

Then when I had this placed on the lash I then blinked and the lash came of and this meant the glue went into my eye and was a scary experience as there was a white type film over my eye and scared me from doing this again.

I just wanted to share this with you all as a warning to maybe not try this as glue cant be good in your eye and also heard they can scratch your eyes. Its just not worth it. If you do try it then please be careful.