Introduction: My Treehouse

Umm. Ok so instructables wouldn't let me enter my slideshow in this contest so I made an instructable. Be advised this is NOT instructions on how to build a treehouse. If anyone however does want to know how to make one, im sure I could make an actual instructable on it.


This is a treehouse that my dad and I built in about 5-6 days by ourselves.

What makes this treehouse awesome:

It has a rope swing for climbing up and down the treehouse

A ladder

A secret plank that lifts up to reveal a hidden compartment

Eventually, the treehouse will have railings, a firepole, a zipline and half of it will be covered with a roof-type structure.

One of the tools we used to build this treehouse was our Craftsman 10" Miter saw-without which, this project would have been impossible.

Step 1: Another View of the Treehouse

Step 2: The Climb Up Spot

Step 3: The Secret Plank

I currently use it as a cooler.

Step 4: The Secret Plank- EXPOSED!

Yea, I know. It's pretty awesome.

Step 5: Cherry Pie

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