Introduction: My Tube Amplifier.

Tube amplifier cost is not over 200€.
You need to buy lamps , I found from ebay Ucranian cheap from old stock ,
It uses 3 Preamps , two for aux and plus one for phono input , two pairs of el84 are amplifies 2X7 watt rms. class A.
Transformers I bought from a local manufacturer.
All other components found it from scrap.

Step 1: Deco.

A plastic base from a broken audio system can be the top. I placed the critical parts for the best view above.

Step 2: Handmade.

Everything you need are welding skills and patience.I also add equalizer with three pots in the middle front.

Step 3: Extra Features.

Inside the shell of broken audio system made the volume meter with some led lights , all power for extras get it from a dvd player supply pcb. 5v,12v.
The power tranformer for the lamps are outside, 220v - 220v. 250 watt.
I worked with it almost 4 monthes to finish it , to get the best of it you need knowledge from someone old technician who workes with amps in the past.

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