Introduction: My Type of Fluff

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I remember an aunt of mine bringing some pink fluff concoction for dessert at some Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I loved the stuff, but I never wanted to admit it. So my solution to have more of this fluffy confection was to make it myself! It's very simple, and totally not the same as what my aunt made, but it tastes fluffy enough for me.

I'm generally lazy, so I haven't tried other ingredients. I fully intend to, but for now I just have two: Cottage Cheese and Jell-o Powder. Cool Whip would be my third ingredient, but I'm on the lazier side of being short of funds. I could afford it, but I don't want to get up!

So to make a long instructable short, you take a few spoonfuls of your preferred Cottage Cheese, and add (to taste!!) your preferred flavor/color of Jell-o powder. Stir it up good, and use a spoon to enjoy. I guess you could add some assorted fruit and Cool Whip to fluff it up some more and take to parties!

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