Introduction: My Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

About: Technician by proffession.

This wind turbine was made mostly from a dismantled photocopier including the 2 big motors and gears. 

The turbine produces 12Watts at 10-16v normally(wind10-20km). When the wind blows a little bit more(20-25km/h) it can produce over 20watts of electricity. i use it to charge 1 12v car battery of  20amphour. It takes about 15-19hours to fully charge the battery. at night i connect my battery to 12v fluorescent light bulbs (3 in total using 36 watts which i salvaged from a bus graveyard, 

Power of WIND TURBINE: 12-22W
RPM of motors at a speed of  about 15km/h: 400-600rpm
RPM of Blades at a speed of  about 15km/h: 130- 200rpm
Max voltage produced: 14-16V
Gears ratio: 1:3

As for the charge controller, it is still beta.