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Introduction: My Work Bench

About: I have recently acquired a load of tools and bought a house with a garage so possibilities are endless. Also recently got into gardening and growing my own veg.

My work bench was becoming a total mess. I had no where to put anything and could never find anything.
I have recently made a few bits and bobs from recycled wood. And my workbench itself was made from all scraps of wood and a kitchen top which were all donated to me.
So I decided to see what I could do in terms of storage out of what was available.
I had 1 and a half pallets and some lengths of wood which were in some packaging.

Step 1: The Rack for Chisels Etc

A very simple method: 3 lengths of wood with 3 wedges on 2 of them and one attached to the wall. This created a long gap of 1cm to slot chisels and anything else that will fit. This idea started out as a length of wood with holes drilled in it, but thought this would be more space and time efficient.

Step 2: The Wall

I didn't have any peg board but did have an off cut of this board so divided to screw it to the wall and add some hocks and nails to hang things with. Also had seen a few ideas with cans attached to the wall for pens etc so have it a try. And seemed to work out ok. All cans are attached with one screw and some wood glue double sided tape.

Step 3: Screw Drivers

A very simple method of essentially drilling holes of different sizes in a small off cut of wood. Then screwing it at a right angle to another and attaching it to the wall.

Step 4: Try Squares

The idea for a rack of these started with something completely different to what I ended up with. My intention was to attach a load of lengths together creating a rack. But the wood I was using kept splitting so changed my mind to a more simple method similar to that of the screw driver rack. Simply a length of wood from a pallet with groves cut into it for the thinner bit of the try squares to slot into. Attached at a right angle to a similar size of wood and attached to the wall.

Step 5: Hammers and Saws

I cut some pallets up and some 9mm ply wood I had lying around and made shelves for some moe storage. Then attached hocks for hammers and saws.

So now I have more storage space and most things have a place to live. And my workspace is now clutter free and Ivan get on with other project.
Finally getting some electric installed in my garage so will have power and light. I will be extending my bench so it will be L shaped and building a cupboard of shelving for storage. Also will be getting a new lathe, band saw and mitre saw soon so need some space for them.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I think you're better off with what you did rather than peg board. Peg board is a flimsy one size fits none solution.


    8 years ago

    miner's exactly the same.... been bugging me for a while now. you've inspired me to get it sorted. cheers


    8 years ago

    Nice ! you just give me some ideas