Introduction: My Workbench

This is my second DIY workbench build, necessitated by a move. I've been using it for 3 months, now, and I have finally got it halfway organized. 

This is a picture gallery, not an Instructable. But if you read the text captions, most of the dimensions are listed on the next pic. 

I had most of the saw cuts done at the store. It's WAY easy and safer to have it done that way. If you are going to use a power saw, please be careful! IIRC, one sheet of 4x8' provided all the plywood used, except for the bottom shelf and the keyboard hutch.

The whole thing is held together by wood screws. When I started it, I thought I might need a crossbrace across the back corners of the frame. But it's pretty darn solid.

Final thoughts: If I could go back in time I'd have added a strip of plywood extending an inch or so high all across the back of the benchtop to prevent things from being pushed over the edge. I've heard this called a "catch all?"

I hope you all enjoy the pics! Even more, I hope this inspires someone to go and build their first bench!