My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Introduction: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

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RX is my best friend, I love it and crazy about it :-) . Once in a year i used to modify it, painting, alteration ete...and all it was done by mechanics. This time i wanted to know all about my RX, engine part, electrical etc... and engine also already ceased. Decided to restore it , downloaded Yamaha RX100 Workshop Manual and bought new tools.

And  started working in my home itself...

Step 1: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

There was noise when piston moves, so need to be re-bore it
1. Cranck / Drive Sprocket
2. Cylinder, Head, Piston
3. Head spark portion, Cylinder Inner Portion

Step 2: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Clutch housing and clutch plates
1. Clutch Housing
2. Plates, Friction Plate and its Springs

Step 3: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Completely de-assembled clutch and cylinder parts. 
I started assembling cylinder part first.

1. Fixing gasket.
2. Old piston and new one / New piston and its ring.
3. Installing piston to the crank shaft / After complete installation of cylinder and piston.
4. After installing cylinder and its head.

Step 4: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Carburettor and is parts

Step 5: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Clutch house and clutch assembling

2. My special tool setup to remove clutch housing (Spanner No 8 & 20)
3.Pressure Plate enclosed with Clutch, Friction plates 

Step 6: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Kick Starter

1. Kick Starter Assembly
2. Kick Gear

Step 7:

Wheel Assembling
1. Brak Shoe / Wheel and Shock absorber

Step 8: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

1. Main stand, Side stand assembling to the chassis

Step 9: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Step 10: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Step 11: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Finally my RX...

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    3 years ago

    How much did the whole restoration process cost you?


    Question 3 years ago on Step 6

    If the place where the clip of the gear kick holds in the engine broke down and the gear kick dont work while starting the motorcycle, what shold I do.?? Can you help meh out.. (as i dont want to replace half engine casing..)


    Question 3 years ago on Step 1

    where can i get a secondhand RX100 in any condition and if it is available can i know the cost of it


    Answer 3 years ago

    Hi Nikil, where you from in India? Try in OLX . For good and running condition bike price starts from around 30k to 40k.

    Tell me sir,

    Where did you get you new replacement parts for your Yamaha RX100 refurbishment?

    Thanks for your help.



    Reply 4 years ago

    You can contact me for spare parts.
    9560122935 is my contact number.
    You can call or whatsapp me