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Introduction: My Car Audio System

This is the car audio system I have in my 1995 nissan 300zx. I have 2 Infinity 10" 120w old school kappa subs in a custom enclosure. The subs are hooked up to an old school 500w Rockford Fosgate amp that is behind the passenger seat. The 4 mid speakers are Sony 6.5" 4 way speakers at 270w each and they are hooked up to two Sony Explode 480w amps. The head unit is an Alpine CDA-9885 which has bluetooth and ipod control. The head unit is hooked up to a Powerbass parametric equalizer that allows me to control the volume, sub volume, bass, mid bass, high, and fade of all the speakers in the car. This is not my ideal system but my budget won't allow for upgrades to my 10 year old system, but for being 10 years old it still hits like a mofo.

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