Arduino Powered RGB Mood Lamp Plus Simon

Introduction: Arduino Powered RGB Mood Lamp Plus Simon

This is basicaly an arduino powered RGB mood lamp plus the simon says game, two in one.

How to Use: The device starts with the default RGB Mood Lamp program, when you press any of the four keys at the bottom, the Simon says game starts. Whenever you press the Lonely Button ( A poet I am) above the mood lamp starts again. The thought behind is, one can play the game as long as he/she likes,then when he/she pleases it can be turned into a mood lamp.

Now for the technical part: the chip inside is a ATMega8L, running on 8 Mhz internal clock. I am using a bootloader from this page As you can see in the photos, there is no crystal, also there is no regulator as I am using a samsung cellphone charger (the jack modified) to power it. The Samsung cellphone charger is basicaly an SMPS rated at 5.0 Volts 0.7 Amp.

I did the whole project on stripboards,programmed the chip in a Diy-stripboard arduino. I can post images of that too if anyone is interested.

As for the sketch, I have added up two sketches and modified it for my purpose, the Simon Sketch is from here:  and the RGB Mood Lamp sketch is from the book 'Beginning Arduino' by Michael McRoberts. Thanks to both of them. I hope they have no problem with the way I am using their codes.

Now check out the videos:

How to operate the thing:

Me dissecting the device:

The mood lamp in action:

Now thanks for watching, please rate and comment. This is my first instructable,so you know : blah blah blah.......

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project! ^^ Gotta do myself one! ;)

    Congratulations! =D