Introduction: My First Fursona! and Helpful Links!

About: I do alot of arts and crafts, when theirs something i really want to make and i can't do it, it bothers me till i make it.

Haven't posted on here in years! haha, but I've been to some anime cons here in arizona...and found about about Fursona's

The fandom tends to get a lot of different ways because of a CSI episode, but honestly if you meet them in person they are just so fun and funny to be around with. Plus they feel cozy if you get a hug xD but for the longest time i've been really wanting to create my own. AAAAND TA-DA! he is still in progress but I like how he's turning out :) I'll put some links to how you can make you own!

If you don't know what a furry/Fursona is here is a link to the cons they have.:

If you'd like to know how to make one here is a link.:

Also with mine I got it from a etsy shop who makes bases, all you do is put the fur on it and stuff. I opened my mouth though so I can easily drink something. Also there are resin based mask.


with furry, some like to sew it or glue it.

How to make the gloves:

and how to make a suit with out digi legs:

The tail

Shaving (yes you'll need to shave it xD )

Sewing it instead.

Here you can buy the buckram, they sell different sizes as well! and what you do is, after you paint your eyes on them you use a toothpick to poke out the left over paint so that you can see.

Making the feet is just as easy along with the tail. But do know...the pros and cons. AND the dos and don'ts when dressing up as a Furry, if you go out in public places make sure you have a den mom/ care taker to watch out for you and to also explain why your dressed the way you are. Some people put little computer fans in the nose part of there head so that cool air can go through. You can make ANY type of breed/hybrid of a character and you can give them back stories. for example with mine...He was once a human but he got bit by a wolf who was used for experiments, that's why he turned into a orange wolf and has goat like eyes.

I hope this helped anyone who is interested in making one! :)

Here are the shops I got my fur from.