Introduction: K'NEX Realistic Handgun

Greeting to everyone!

I'v ben comming to this website all the time when i wanted to get some inspration, and i got alot of that here.
and here is the resolt of that!
Yes, its my first i'v got for this website and i must sey. I'm pritty proud of it!

but there's a downside to it. you see, on this website.  there are just not alot of realistic handgun's to find, and that not so good.
so here's a way to fix that, but first som vact shooting, coute literely that is.

First, let's be clear on this: it can not shoot!
yup, thats correct, you guy's wont be schooting anyone whit this one.

So, it's a gun pure for the reality, not the shots.

And, well... i just cuddent come up whith a name for it.

So, no name, and no shooting. I hope some of you still want it by now

Anyway, you came for the gun, so lets make it!

(And, i'm sorry for my horrable english. be prepeard for it, cuse i think it wil become way worse in the tutorail.
i'll do my best, and hope you guy's can read the most of it.)

Step 1: All Thats Needed

well, this speaks for itself, but i'll type it out here as wel.

1. rubberband.
22. white rods 
1. yellow rod
2. gray connec...connectors? wel, you can't realy "connect" anything whit it... anyway
28. black/green connectors
1. em.... gray... weel thing?
5. black rod connectors
2. red connectors
13. orange connectors
and as last
4. white connectors

in case you wonderd, i used windows Paint to make the picture.

Step 2: Making the Handgrip (Credit to Big Z)

Ok. start by making the parts as seen in picture 1 (see picture 2 for side view)

i see now that picture 3 is cinda confusing... i'l try to explane it all
connect all the pices make in pictures 1 to the main part as showen
when done, connect the big part seen in picture 3 on all the left spaces from the white rods stiking out at the side of the maine pice

and for the trigger, you got 2 options as see in picture 4.
the diverens is not that big, but its up to you what you want.
I prefer to use Option 2, cuse that one is easyer on you vinger. (and i'm sure i speld "easy" wrong, but my translater wont help me XD 

oh, i'm sorry for some of you being confused. but those yellow connectors on the side wil get explaned to you all in the next picture
So, em... ah, the green connector. wel, all self explaning here as wel.

So, the last picture. make these 2 as seen in the picture here and you can or: go back one picture an see howe its made on.
Or waite a wile and see in the next comming steps.

Step 3: Making the Rail

This step is for to finis the gun, but theres more!

see the Extra's, to see what oyu can do whit this gun.

but first this. make the parts as seen in the picture's and buld it as one as see in picture as wel

WARNING!!: argh! Stupid little me! i only dust saw that i vergot the white rod on the rest of the pictures!
the white rod en picture name: DSC07797 (the first one) on the end of the yellow connector MUST BE ON
do not remove it to fit on the othere pictures, it MUST be there!

(you can clearly see im a noob at this....)

Step 4: Making All the Parts As One

yes! here we are! the final step for you gun to be complete!

first, get you gun basis and the rail. now you plase it on- BUT.... do not connect it to anything! juste place it loosly on top, the rubber band wil keep it there.

Nowe, the rubber band. place the band on one of the guns sides, haning over the white rod's on the tricker, as seen in picture 4
pule the rubber band over the top of the gun and connect that end to the white rod of the tricker on the other side.

Then, the ammo. make ammo clip of the rest of you parts and slide that in the handgrip as in a real gun. (see picture 7)

as last, if you not did this already. get the 2 parts seen on picture 8 and plase these on top of the handgrip's both side's. (dont worry, they wil stay there withoute and help or connection.)

and, thats it! Concratulations! your hand gun is done! but not the tutorail! so dont go just yet!

Step 5: Exrta's

wel, this gun is a lot more then just a peast of plastic.

first of, some gredit's. the handgrip is part of Big Z's Glock 38 see that gun as wel if you sitl have some free time lest, realy, it is amasing!

2de picture, a suppresor mod.
use the picture's 3 and 5 to make this.

picture 6: the same gun, make with gray/black connectors! ist just the same as making the yellow/orange gun, but with diferent coler's these connector's can be fond in the Knex Alife! Dragon set (to bad, it's not for saile anymore.)

picture 7 and 8 ar showing the same gun, but not with the laser aming/gun lighte part anymore. lucking a lot like the 1911.
see picture.
anyway, see Naked snake's reaction to see what he think's abute the gun... :P

and picture's 10 and 11 ar showing a othere way to use the rubber band, i'l explane.
get your rubber band and slide it over the front part of the gun. then, flip the band on top of the gun as seen in picture 10, making an 8 shape. and do the same as before. pull the upper part of the rubber 8 over the front of the gun, and place it in between the white rod's of the tricker.