Introduction: My First Attempt at a Knife!

This is my first knife, I made it out of a circular saw blade. I just made it today with my dads help, he mostly just cut out the basic shape. Right after I sanded down the whole thing so it was silky smooth (It was sooooo , so smooth!) Then I filed down the back and finished out the shape. I then wrapped the handle with an under layer of some string I found, above that I wrapped it with gutted black paracord( I got the wrap form this instructable: After that I took it to the bench grinder, that didn't turn out so well, as you can see on the most shiny part. I was hoping for a nice clean line to mark where the blade starts to form, like you see on professionally made knives, instead I got a wavy uneven one. And I finally sharpened it. 

Gutted Paracord
Some string I found
An old circular saw blade
Super Glue
Angle Grinder
Bench Grinder
An assortment of files
An assortment of sandpaper
Bench Vice

That just about sums it up I think.
PS: This is my first instructable, so any comments are appreciated!

Thanks and toodles!

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