Introduction: My First Hydroponic Set

How to make a foolproof and cheap fully working hydroponic system.
This system can be used indoors or outdoors, can be used as a cloner or to grow veggies and plants.
This is the first set I build, 5 years ago.
It is still perfectly working.

Step 1: List of Materials

A blue Rubbermaid tub, or any other brand with an inside rim.
The inside rim is important, as the PVC tubing will rest on it.

1/2 inch PVC tube

4 pieces 1/2 inch PVC tube 90 degrees angles.

one T junction 1/2 inch

an aquarium pump

a 15inch long flexible water hose 1/2 inch diameter.

6 or 8 empty yoghurt pots

a 24 hour timer

Step 2: Pot Holes

Place your growing pots (yoghurt or any other pot) on the cover of the Rubbermaid.
With a marker, draw the places where they will be, allow some space between the pots.
I made 10 holes, but 6 or 4 are definitely OK.
Make sure all pots get enough "splash".
When you cut the cover, be careful for you fingers.
Cut holes with a cutter or better with a clock saw if you have one.
When using a clock saw, use a very low speed.
I warn you, be careful for you fingers.

Step 3: PVC Emitters

Inner tubing of PVC will rest on the rim.
With a pencil draw a straight line in the PVC tubes.
Punch holes with nail and hammer or better drill holes of 1 or 2mm.
Clean the debris inside the PVC tubes.

Step 4: Pump

Fit the pump.
Add water till it reaches 1 inch below the PVC tubing.
Plug the pump and check the flow.
Add more holes if necessary.