My First Woodworking Project!

Introduction: My First Woodworking Project!

My first attempt at woodworking! Going to attempt to make a coffee table :) Enjoy :)

Step 1: Tools Needed...

•Pencil and tape measure
•Wood glue
•Miter clamp (or some way of holding miter joints together)
•Masking tape
• Chop saw
• Safety glasses
• Screws
• Drill

Step 2: Making a Plan...

I won't lie but I didn't really make a plan I winged it and then adjusted. So I took the wood I had laying about and started to work. You will obviously have to decide on a shape for your frame and measurements and then cut to these measurements.

Step 3: Cutting the Miters...

Set the chop saw to 45° to cut a miter then the opposite 45° for the opposite miter.

Step 4: Masking Tape Time...

Masking tape the corners of the wood but not the miter faces themselves this will stop the glue spilling over onto the wood when clamping.

Step 5: Clamping...

Clamp up the miter nice and tight and leave to dry for the required time. (usually best to leave 24 hours) I used a special clamp especially for miters but it can be done with c clamps and a jig.

Step 6: Once Dry...

Once dry I tacked on to support beams on the under side to hold the middle part of the table then glued these parts on aswell. Both pieces of wood where the same thickness as the exterior wood to allow a flush fit.

Step 7: Adding Legs...

Softwood was cut to 500 mm x8 the two pieces were glued with wood glue together to form one leg and then tacked for extra strength.

Step 8: All Done!!!

Add the legs to the sub frames and bind together, I decided to screw the legs in as I didn't have tacks on hand. If you decide to screw ensure to pre-drill to avoid the wood splitting and to countersink for a better appearence.

And finally all finished you can choose to sand and paint or stain the wood but I shall be doing that at a later time.

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    7 years ago

    Congratulation on your first woodworking project. I can just hope my first project comes out anywhere like that. Thanks for sharing.


    If this is your first wood working project then you skipped like 3000 steps in the learning process. I am amazed. This does not have the wobbly, rickety, illevel, not square, barely not exploding look that my first many woodworking projects have, and to some degree still have. This looks straight up like it came from Ikea and was expensive. You are going places with woodworking. Welcome to the world of.

    Lewis Lannan
    Lewis Lannan

    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you ! Looking for my next project to keep developing some basic skills, hope you enjoy my future builds !!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you see a top attached to legs like that? They do not seem to be holding onto very much to me.

    Lewis Lannan
    Lewis Lannan

    Reply 7 years ago

    I attached a sub frame underneath the top to attach the legs to and they seem pretty strong and easily song enough for my needs :)