Introduction: My Humble Work Space.

About: I live on the east coast of Canada, (New Brunswick). I have been tinkering and building things all my life and still manage to learn something new and exciting every day.

I am spoiled, I admit it, I have a winter and summer shop to play with. I still need to get better organized in both places, and perhaps develop better habits, such as putting things away after I use them. But that's an argument my wife and I have frequently.

The Summer shop does have some heat and I still need to go there to do many jobs on the big tools. All rough stock preparation and power sanding goes on in here. I also do any finish work out there that would create nasty air.

The winter shop, located in my basement, is a wonderful place to work. It is quiet, dust free and much bigger. Since I build a lot of stringed instruments, I find myself working with hand tools more often than not. This is the space for that, it is, for some reason, a very contemplative environment for me. And lets face it, after a stressful day at work, what better way to decompress than working quietly with hand tools on a project you enjoy.

Thanks for taking this little tour of my personal nirvana.  

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