My Mini Notebook

Introduction: My Mini Notebook

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache

This is a book made ​​of post-it and a beautiful image of the sea. Ideal with your mini pencil.

Step 1: First Step

measure the little post-it and mark it in four squares.
cut the squares and do the same with the sea image (can be the image you want, now I feel seafaring)

Step 2: Next Step

paste all the little sheet of the book and the cover.

Step 3: Making Little Holes

use a base  to stop the pin or the punchholes-maker. (I use foam packaging.)
make little holes in the notebook

Step 4: Insert the Spring

insert the spring. (it was a spring that had a pencil in disuse)
and that s all!

If you want it, you can use it with the mini pencil.

you can give to your favorite playmobil

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool notebook. You should put the picture of the playmobil character with the book first in the intro, it is a really cute picture.