My Morning Uptake




Introduction: My Morning Uptake

A delicious, little, convenient breakfast sort of sandwich.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 egg
1 hash brown patty
1 strip of bacon
1 slice cheese

First step is cooking the bacon,hash browns and eggs. 

Step 2: Cooking Filler

I used two small pans, but then I'm not completely comfortable in the kitchen and I find using smaller pans less intimidating.  Plus everything seems to cook a bit quicker. 

Rip the bacon in half, and cook to desired crispness.  I like mine just this side of burnt. 

About 3 tablespoons of oil in the second pan.  Get  the oil hot, med heat is good.  Fry patty for about 3 to 4 mins each side, check though, because depending on the temp, sometimes those patties crisp FAST.    (I used Canola, I've tried Extra Virgin Olive but don't care for the flavor the patty takes on). 

Crack egg, add a little salt, a little pepper, beat that baby and pour it into the pan.  Some people like the grease from the bacon, which is fine, but I used butter.  more photogenic.

Step 3: Biscuts

Homestyle Southern Style Biscuits work real well.  Flatten the dough with your fingers, pulling slightly as you go.  Work it to about a 5 or 6 inch disk like shape.

Brake off pieces of the patty and place it on one half of the dough disk.  leave about 1/2 to 1 inch from the edge.  Scooped about a tablespoon of the egg and crumbled half of the half strip of bacon on top.

Almost forgot. . .cheese!

Use water around the edge and fold over.  Pinch and twist to close.  Add venting slits.  I used 3 for the ones with bacon and two for those that were just the potato, egg and cheese.

Step 4: Baking the Little Buggers

This batch yielded 5 total, however the egg ran out on the last one.

Bake according to instructions on the tube, 350 for 14mins seems to be about right for my oven.  maybe push to 15 minutes.  You just want them nice and golden brown

Put on a plate and serve! 

No need to cut it, I just did that for display purposes.  I enjoy the yummy surprise.  It also keeps in the heat if you're preparing for those on the go.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    great idea ! I do the same kind of thing with various meat and cheese fillings, kind of a mini pasty or empanada


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, these look delicious. Anything involving hash browns and cheese is good for me. :D