My Need for a Pull Out Tray/shelf for My Media Cabinet.




Introduction: My Need for a Pull Out Tray/shelf for My Media Cabinet.

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My media cabinet has a minor design flaw, it doesn't store my DVD and video games very well.  Now part of the issue is my cat likes to hid in the back on the upper tray, to which then the dog smells the cat and thinks the cat must always be "currently located just behind these plastic boxes".

So I need some sort of pull out tray for the DVD and game cases.

Step 1: Clear Out the Work Space.

Cleared out the upper shelf, dog making sure the Evil Cat is not currently in there.  My dog's security efficiency is on par with the TSA, this inspection takes about 15 minutes to find no Evil Cat.

Step 2: Sizing Up the Space.

20" deep and just over 37.5" wide of an opening.

Step 3: Hot Steamy Sliding Action.

I purchased these a pair of these at my local Home Depot, they cost  less than $20.  They come with 12 screws, I'd suggest picking up a little bag of #6 X 1/2 screws as well.  The more points you mount the hardware, the less likely something is to pull apart.  

I went with the 16" length set, kind of wish I got the 18" but they were out of stock.  Oh well.

Step 4:

I put down some tape on the edges of the shelf and found the center.  I double checked my center mark by measuring from the left side of the opening and right side of the opening to make sure both measurements were the same to the middle mark.  Then I took my square and marked out 10" away from the center point.

I placed the sliders down and made sure everything looked good.

Step 5:

I removed the upper section of the slider so I could get to the all of the screw mount holes.  I used a smaller square to held make sure everything would line up nicely.  I took a pick and made dimples in the wood where I wanted the screws to go and was able to drive the screw in my hand without issue.

Step 6:

Once I got the lower sections of the rails mounted, I double checked my work, 20" apart center to center with the rails all they out.

Step 7:

Got a 24" X 48" piece of .5" MDF at Home Depot, 2 free cuts, so I went with 19" X 37".  Cost me about $11 for this.

Quick test fit, looks good.

Step 8:

With the MDF pushed all the way back, I used a pick to scribe where the slides end on the bottom side.  I wanted the shelf to be out as far as I could get it when mounted up.  I found that putting a DVD case between the MDF and back of the media cabinet pushed the MDF out just right.  With the cabinet doors closed, the MDF was about .5" away.

Step 9:

Take the MDF out, flip the bottom side up.  Find the center and then mark out 10" from the center.  Then figure out my spacing so that when the MDF tray is slide all the way it would be .5" away from the closed cabinets doors.  Again the small square rocking the scene.

Step 10:

With the upper section of the drawer slide positioned correctly on the bottom of the MDF, I drilled some pilot holes for the screws with a 1/16" drill bit.

Step 11:

When I secured the upper section of the drawer slide to the bottom of the MDF, I used the large square to make sure things were going to line up correctly.  Then, just before I went to mount the other upper section from the other drawer slide, I had an idea, a shift in plans.....

Step 12:

I popped the MDF onto the drawer slides, with only 1 side secured to the  MDF, then pulled the other slide out all the way and got the MDF squared up, then marked where I wanted to drill.  Removed the board, again and drilled my pilot holes for 2 screws.  Put the MDF back on the drawer slides and with the loose draw slide lined up with the pilot holes, put 2 screws in and torqued down.  Did a couple of test slides to make  sure nothing was binding.  Removed the MDF and put my remaining screws.  I ended up putting screws in EVERY mounting point on both upper and lower points of the draw slides.

With that, I now have a tray/shelf that slide in and out very nicely.

Step 13:

I found this 90 DVD rack at Target for $30-ish.  It stands just over 37" tall, so it should be a perfect fit.  It was luck I ended up with this.  I almost got 4 smaller racks from Wal Mart but found out I didn't have my wallet when I got to the register.   The "feet" have got to go.

Step 14:

Having cut off tools made this a quick and simple task.  But a simple hack saw would do the same thing in a few minutes time.

Step 15:

With the feet  cut off the DVD rack, I figured out where I needed to position it, I got it as close as I could to the cabinet doors when they are closed.  I then carefully pulled the tray out and with the 1/16" drill bits, I drilled out holes for mechanics wire to be used to secure the rack.  Note now the wire goes over both the larger and smaller parts of the DVD rack. 

I ended up using the mechanic's wire at 4 points on the DVD rack.  I used a couple of clamps to hold the DVD rack in place once I got it positioned just right and then drilled pilot holes I needed.  Remove the MDF tray from the slides and completed my drill holes.  I cut 4 pieces of mechanics wire about 10" each, folded them into "U" shaped and threaded them into the holes with the DVD rack in place.  Carefully flip everything over so that the bottom of the MDF was facing up with the ends of the mechanics wire pointing at me.  I used 2 pairs of pliers to pull the wire very tight then twist the ends together.  Cut about .5" up the twist and then tap the wire flat to the MDF.

Step 16:

Pop the MDF tray back onto the drawer slides and load up your DVDs and video games.  As some point I'll take the tray out and paint it black or something to dress it up a little bit, but for now this is good.  I was going to see about adding a handle but I can grasp the leading edge of the MDF and pull it out very easy.  Now the Evil Cat and dog can't knock my games onto the floor.

Will repeat the same project for the CDs on the bottom self in the future.

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    1 year ago

    Thank you! This gave me the ideas for my own sliding DVD racks to fit my entertainment center. I appreciate you posting it! (and your dog is beautiful!)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    That's a useful job, I can see the benefit. Very nice.