My Own Triceratops' Skull




Introduction: My Own Triceratops' Skull

One of my daughter was studying dinosaurs and ... I thought to build a skull with her.
And this is the process and the result.

(Sorry by my English... I hope that you understand the steps).

Step 1: Search the Side Face

I search on the web for nice a big side face of Triceratops's skull.
I selected this dinosaur because it is very easy to recognize by the kids... and it looks not as complex as a T-Rex with a lot of teeths :-)

Expand the best view until the desired size.

I downladed other Triceratops views to get more details and complete the skull on last steps.

Step 2: Building the Base for the Skull

Copy the side face two times on cardboard and cut them.

Both sides will be the base for our skull.  You have to join them and hold with tape.

Step 3: Complete the Base for the Skull

To complete the skull we add another cardboard piece to create the shield add more tape and glue to get the right forn.

Step 4: A Few Details to Look Better

I added pape rings around the eyes and nose to get a better effect.
And I hold all pieces with tape.

Step 5: Adding More Volume and Strength

We covered all the "skull" with mix of paper, water and glue. 

Step 6: Painting

The final step is paint the skull. It is a perfect step to the kids

Step 7: The Result

Just few hours later, we have our Triceratops skull.

I hope that you like it.

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    mauro sousa
    mauro sousa

    5 years ago

    So good ! I like this.


    9 years ago

    I love it!!!!!! Im going to make one with my dad! Thanks! AWESOME!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I am going to try to make something similar to "mount" on my classroom wall.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm trying this out of plain paper, a hair harder than I thought, lol.  The box I thought I had sadly has been thrown out, but I made a template of the skull that I thought I'd share with you and others to make your awesome 'able!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Holy cow this is cool, I may go make this right now I think I have a box to use! Nice 'able