Introduction: My Personal Apocalptic Bug Out Bag Set

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This contains my personal set of bug out bags, enough for 2 to survive for a week.
Hope you enjoy.
P.S. I'm in a prepper group for the zombie apocalypse (for those who haven't viewed my other ibles)  and have a personal teammate, so I had to make a set for us to be able to survive a week together while we find the rest of our team.

Step 1: Bag #1

1. Batteries (pack of 9V, AAA, AA, etc)
2. Walkies (set of 2)
3. (2)torches [flashlights]

Step 2: Bag #2

1. Bottles of Water.
2. MRE's from tomsweet65 Link:
3. Salt packs.

Step 3: Bag #3

Main compartment:
1. Clothing (packed very tightly)
2nd Compartment:
1. Hats (for shade)
2. No rinse soap (it's self explanatory)

Step 4: I Hope That This Helps You Out.

Thank you so much for viewing.

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