Introduction: My Returning Slideshow: IPod Touch Dock, K'nex Style.

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Hi I am back from who knows where. I have achieved many things while I wasn't here. Such as:

-Better spelling
-More Intriguing designs
-More facial hair
-Increased body mass
-More RAM (JK)
-More mature and serious

Anyway way, wait wait wait! Did you just ask who am I?

I am the guy who was not active nor very important in the community. I was a part of it anyway. I made many friends and subbs.

Ok now to the pictures and explanation.

This is a k'nex ipod touch dock. It connects to my bedside or you can pull out its backing to put it on the floor or table. You can charge with it and you can place earphones above it for storage. This is my slideshow, instructable soon.