My Take on the Classic Egg Carton Fire Starter




Introduction: My Take on the Classic Egg Carton Fire Starter

This is my take on the classic egg carton fire starter. I would love to give credit to the person I first found using just dryer lint but i don't know who it was. So I'm sorry in advance if it was you ... But thank you i have been using your method for years and i love it . this is my take as far as i know i'm the only one that uses peanut shells....

Step 1: WARNING!!!!!!!!

If you are allegic to peanuts do not use this instructable it may KILL you ..

Step 2: Tools

cooking pot
egg carton
soda can ( or some other can of any type)
dryer lint ( if you dont have dryer lint use ripped up cotton balls)
peanut shells
old candles ( i used about 45  tea lights)
wooden clothes pin
bamboo skewer (or other stiring device)
can opener (or knife)
tin can
big sharpie (or other crushing device)
pot holder

Step 3: Prep

Eat some peanuts and save the shells. Crush the peanut shells with your tin can and crushing device i used my trusty do all big sharpie marker.

fill cooking pot a little over half way of water and bring to a boil.

I used tea lights for this project but ypu can use any type of  candle wax for this project . if you used tea lights you need to pull off the foil cups and pull the wicks out. ( save both of these for future projects)

Take the soda can and cut the top off with a can opener or knife, then squeeze a pour stout into the can

Press a small layer of dryer lint into the egg carton , dump crushed peanut shells over the top then and a little bit more dryer lint over the top. (sorry didnt take pics of this step to well)

Step 4: Melting

Put candles  ( or tea lights i broke my up a bit to melt faster) into your soda can ( or any other can) . Put your can into the boil water use your wooden clothes pin to attach your melting can to the pot. Wait a few minutes to melt wax use your bamboo stick ( or other stiring device) to stir the melted wax to break up the bigger chunks ( i found that these chunks kinda of stay for awhile)

Step 5: Pouring Wax

Use pliers or a hot pad to remove soda can from the boiling water. Pour hot wax over the dryer lint / peanut mixture... repeat this step till you have filled the egg carton with wax. Put egg carton int freezer for 30 -60 minutes to speed up the cool down process.

After cool down you can cut up the egg carton into peices or keep whole.  I put mine whole in a gallon zip lock bag with a few book of matches.

Step 6: How to Use

Cut off a peice of egg carton... light the edges on fire ( matches lighter.. etc)  ... add tender as needed to make the fire bigger.
This will burn hot and will burn by itself for about 10 min enough time to make a big fire.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Works great to start charcoal fires with a chimney starter!! No smell or nasty taste from the kerosene starters. I have more starters now then I probably will ever need but it was fun making them.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I just made 3 cartons worth of starters with peanut shells and wax. Worked Great!!! Did not break them down that much and they are starting fires better than store bought.