Introduction: My Vertical Axis Wind Tuebine

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The rotor consists of 16 neodymium magnets 30mm dia - 7mm height...
The rotor diameter is 30cm... The cylinder rotor holder has 30mm diameter.

The coils are made with 1.25 mm (18 gauge) magnet wire.... They have 140 turns with inner dia 20mm and outer 50mm.The height is 20mm.

the test are with 2 series of 8 coils in paraller... As you can see there are a lot of Amps with very few turns....

at 60 r.p.m. i have the following measurements:

12Vrms 1,8A the multimeter on Ac(not the peak value).

at 120 r.p.m. 24Vrms and 4 amps...

I think it is very good for my needings :)

Step 1: The Rotor

There are 2 layers.

The first is iron where the magnets are attached and glued.

This will increase the strength of the magnetic field.

The aluminum is holding the magnets in wright place :)

The bearings are the following in the pictures.

Watch the final schematic to understand the assembly.

Step 2: The Stator

The stator is made with 2 layers 2 for the same reasons the use of iron plate.

The liquid is polyester for waterproofing reasons.

Watch the harmony wiring coil and the final drawing to understand the construction.

Step 3: The Wings

Made from aluminum and plastic polyethylene.

hope you love it...

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