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Instructions for my crazy hat

Hi my name is Kareli and I wanted to participate in the crazy hat contest so I made this silly hat these are My crazy hat instructions:

1) Get your box cylinder and wrap it up with your paper and If you're too tall or too wide then you can do some arrangements

2) After you make your arrangements you color the paper and take the paper off to reveal a paper cylinder You get the lid of your cylinder box then you Put your paper cylinder inside.

3) Then you make your arrangements again and then you tape it until it stays

4) then you get your other hat and put it inside

5) then you get your Colored paper wrap-it on the bottom of your other hat.

6) Then ask your parent to cut a couple of holes for the straws and put them diagonally in after they cut it.

7) then you get your Flowers and stick them on the end of the straws.

8) Then you get your stuffed animal and get a bunch of tape then you put the Bunny on then you tape it on so it stays upright.

Then enjoy!

By: Kareli D


supplies: markers for coloring your crazy hat. tape for taping stuff together. fake flowers for decorating. colored Paper for wrapping it up. skinny straws for making it funny A cylinder so you can rap the paper around and when you take it out it looks like a cylinder. Knife for cutting and you might need your parents for this. Hat to put Inside of the hat so you can put it on easily.

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