Introduction: MyRCCar 1/10 OBTS Chassis Updated. Customizable Chassis for On-Road, Buggy, Truggy or SCT RC Car

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Here you will find all the latest parts to build your unique, customized RC cars. Most of the content of this publication has been really created time ago but I have not stopped improving parts when I have had the chance.

During this time I have made some videos about this chassis in different configurations and uploaded them to my Youtube channel. Take a look to the related videos and remember to suscribe to be updated!

This is the latest one :

Start Point

If you are starting in the RC Car world as I did some months ago maybe you don't really know what to spect or what you want... I had to research "a little" to understand some of the concepts stablished in the RC car world... I mean types of cars and characteristics from each type... I made kind of an "informative table" for myself to visualize easily this characteristics, but maybe it can help you too :)

With the parts in this publication you should be able to build a Drifting, Touring, Rally, Buggy, Truggy or Short Course Truck chassis. Look to the first part of the table in this step, the characteristics of the car type. Some of the variations are in the spected speed, wheel size, height to the ground, wide of the car... But there are more, as the wheelbase...

Now look at the second part of the table, they are the params needed to calculate a final max speed for each type. You can see 3 files of the table in green, those are parameters I change to get the final max speed. Just playing with the Motor KV and Nº of Teeth from motor pinion you can achieve many different max, speeds. If you need help with the formula, just say something :)

The parts you print depend on the sourced parts you buy, and the sourced parts you buy depend on the kind of car you want to build... so dedicate some thinking to this before going on "crazy printing"

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