Introduction: Mycelium Bowl

About: UC Davis

This project will take about 10 days; 4-5 days for the mycelium to start growing and another 4-5 days for the mycelium to form to the mold. The first part will be focusing on the pre-mold phase.

Step 1: Gather Material

Mycelium kit from, I used the Kenaf blend purchase here


Rubbing Alcohol

Latex gloves (optional)


Measuring cup

Bag clips, I used clothes pins

Dark, safe place to store the mycelium while it grows

Mold, I used a bigger bowl and a smaller bowl

Step 2: Sterilize

Use the rubbing alcohol to sterilize the your hands, measuring cup and scissors.

It is important to sterilize because unwanted bacteria or mold spores could potentially ruin the process.

Step 3: Mix

Now that everything is sterile, it is time to start mixing.

My kit required 3 cups and 1.5 tbsp. water and 3.5 tbsp flour

(double check your kit for the measurements)

In your sterile mixing bowl, mix the flour and water together enough so the flour is dissolved.

Step 4: Activate

Use your sterile scissors to cut the bag about 2 inches from the top.

Carefully pour the flour/water mixture into the bag.

Pinch the top of the bag shut and shake up for at least 1 minute.

Step 5: Let Grow

Clip the bag shut and place in a place (i used a closet) to allow the mycelium to grow.

This step will take about 5 days.

Each day you can check in on your mycelium to see it grow.

It will get more white each day.

Step 6: Its Time

Your mycelium should look thoroughly white and a bit dense.

My kit took 5 days to get to this point, I checked in on my batch each day to see how it progressed.

When checking on mycelium to see how it is growing do not open the bag, this could potentially expose the content to unintended mold spores or other bacteria which could ruin the batch.

Step 7: Sterilize

Use the rubbing alcohol to sterilize your hands, measuring cup and mixing bowl

Step 8: Mold Prep

While wearing gloves, carefully open the bag to retrieve chunks of the white mycelium. Crumble and break apart mycelium into the sterilized mixing bowl with your hands. (I only took out enough for my mold). Then add 4 tbsp to the newly crumbled mycelium- mix thoroughly.

Step 9: Pack Mold

Put the crumbly mycelium into your mold. I used 2 different bowls to achieve the bowl mold. Once the mycelium is well packed then put plastic wrap over it and poke holes in the plastic wrap.

Step 10: Let Grow

Let the mycelium grow into the mold for about 4 days (or until completely white).

Once it is done, the mycelium will be more dense and conformed to the mold.

Step 11: Set the Mold

Now take the mycelium out of the mold, I flipped the bowl over and tapped it to come out. Preheat oven to 200 (the mycelium can air dry while preheating)

If I had a baking rack I would have used it instead of placing directly into oven.

Once at 200 degrees, place in the bowl and check every half hour. I let mine stay for 2 hours- you want it to look like a lightly roasted marshmallow.

Cooking the mycelium sets the mold and kills the spores so it will no longer grow.

Take the bowl out and let cool and continue to dry.

Step 12: Done

Now your mycelium bowl is complete!