Introduction: How to Make a Mysterio Costume

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Well, I spent about 2 months working on that costume and of course, I took very few pictures so I'm sorry about that. Now onto the build. This is a Mysterio costume that I made after watching far from home and loving his costume, after looking around the internet I found several people who were doing the same thing (ill list the links below). After searching the internet some more I decided that making it out of foam would be the best bet.

This is where I got the idea for what i would need


Eva foam .5 in and 1mm, box cutter, paint , old/cheap gloves, contact cement, glue gun, LED(optional ish), time(VERY IMPORTANT).

Step 1: What Does Mysterio Have?

I broke this costume into three main parts.


-The armor parts


I will break each of these down in the following steps.

Step 2: The Helmet

The helmet wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be, I got a twelve-inch acrylic dome from amazon for bout $30. The hole in the bottom needed to be cut wider with a Dremel but once that was done I wrapped foam around the base as his collar type thing and glued ir down after painting it. I used some mirror spray paint from Walmart that worked well, although I didn't spray evenly and it ended up running.

Step 3: The Armor

So the armor can be broken down into three more parts.

-The armor itself (duh)

-The gauntlets/gloves

-The cape clasps

-The Armor

the armor was by far the most tedious and long part of the process. I bought plans for the armor on Etsy and spent around 20 hours cutting them out in foam and gluing them together. Buying the template from Etsy was definitely worth it if you have never done something like this I would highly recommend buying the template. Once the armor was glued I sprayed it with some plasti dip and then with several coats of gold paint. The lights that I used were just a string of 20 leds that I got from my local dollar store and I covered them up with hot glue to help diffuse the light. This was fairly difficult as someone who has never worked with foam before but it wasn't undoable.

-The gauntlets

gloves weren't too hard, the gloves were just some anti cut work gloves that I spray painted the same gold as the armor.

For the gauntlets, I wrapped the foam around my arm to get an idea of the flat shape it would need then I cut it out using a knife. The raised ridges are just cardboard from a cereal box that I folded over and glued to the foam. then I painted everything with the same gold paint.

-The cape clasps

These clasps weren't hard I just made them out of some model magic and painted gold, I have the reference photos I used above.

Step 4: Cape and Undersuit

-The cape

Going against the will of Edna Mode, Mysterio uses a cape. I'll be honest here, I didn't make this cape, because I have 0 clues when it comes to sewing, I got someone else to sow the cape for me. I showed her the second picture which is NOT my cape but the best photo of Mysterio's cape I could find. The first image is the cape she made, I choose not to paint on the design because I lacked the skills and time to do it.

The undersuit

The undersuit is the green pants and shirt he wore under the armor like in the third picture. Now what he actually wears is made of some sort of textures screen printed fabric, but being that I couldn't sow and that the fabric was expensive I decided to stop by my local thrift store and pick up some green tights and a green long sleeve for a total of $7. These weren't perfect because they didn't have the same pattern but they worked.


An idea I had but didn't have time to put into effect. I had the idea that MAYBE I could've used a Cricut or similar machine to cut out the checkered pattern in vinyl and put that on the tights and shirt for the desired effect. I have no clue if this would work, it was just an idea.

Step 5: The Boots

My boots were not great. I just took a piece of 1 mm foam cut out a couple of pentagon shapes and glued them to the front then painted it gold. It worked but it didn't look the best. I saw other people who just took some old knee boots and painted gold and others who actually made the whole boots out of foam around an existing shoe.

Step 6: The Outro

This was my first ever full cosplay so I know this isn't perfect, please let me know if you have any ideas on how I could improve it, Thanks.

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