Introduction: Mysterious Lightbox

This project is called Mysterious Lightbox. It is a lightbox that shines at night. The special thing about this lightbox is that it can detect the brightness of the surroundings and shine on the different regions of the box.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. An Arduino board
2. A breadboard

3. An USB Cable

4. 10x Jumper wires

5. 4x 100-ohm resistors and 1x 10k-ohm resistors

6. One Photoresistor

7. 6 LED lights ( fours yellow lights, one red light, one white light)

Step 2: Connecting Photoresistor and LED Lights

1. Connecting Arduino and breadboard

(5v of Arduino to + of the breadboard, GND of Arduino to - of the breadboard)

2. Connect one pin of the photoresistor with +, and connect the other pin with 1k-ohm resistor(which connect to - area) and A1 in Analog-in Area.

3. Connect the long pins of LED lights with pin 4, 7, 8, 9, and 100-ohm resistors with the short pin respectively,

Step 3: Writing the Codes

Here is the code for this project.

You can change the amounts of LED lights and analog condition for activating lights :)

Step 4: Painting an Box for Your Light

As above.

You can decorate your box and paint different regions for different light condition

Step 5: Congratulation! You Finished the Mysterious Lightbox