Introduction: Mysterious Physics Ring

This physics illusion trick is relatively easy to perform, yet it's deceptive and eye-catching. You can be "The Lord of the Ring" and amaze onlookers by appearing to defy the force of gravity right in front of their eyes!  This instructable will explain and show specifically how to pull it off. 

Here's a short video that shows the illusion trick being performed:

Step 1: Materials

Only the following items are needed :

1)  A rubber band
2)  A ring (the heavier the better)
3)  Scissors

Step 2: Preparing the Illusion

First, cut a rubber band wih a pair of scissors. Then, "thread" the rubber band through the ring until the ring is around the halfway point of the length of the rubber band.

Step 3: Creating the Effect

Grab the rubber band between the thumbs and first fingers of both of your hands as shown in the picture. The ring will be resting on the rubber band between your hands.

Step 4: Performing the Illusion

Now, pull the rubber band tight so that it appears to others to be longer than it actually is. Obviously you will want to have onlookers watch this illusion from the right vantage point (make sure they are facing you). The photos below show the illusion from "your" vantage point of course.

There will now be a considerable length of excess rubber band concealed within both of your fists. You will need to practice the technique of hiding it.

Tilt the rubber band at about a 45-degree angle so that the ring slides down against the thumb and first finger of your left hand. Ever-so-slightly release some of your grip of the rubber band with that hand. This will take just a little bit of practice, but if you keep the angle right and release the rubber band at a constant, slow rate, the ring will "stick" to the rubber band and travel upwards towards your right hand.

Friction force helps it to stay put and not slide back down. Keep your hands and fingers as still as possible! Continue to release your grip until you "run out" of rubber band on that side. By that point, the ring should be at least halfway up to your right hand. To an unsuspecting observer from the other side, it will look like the rubber band never moved but the ring magically defied gravity and traveled upwards. Repeat the same process with your right hand (tilting the rubber band the opposite way).  You are now The Lord of the Ring!

This video shows the illusion:

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