Introduction: Myth Mashup With TinkerCad

Hi everyone! I started to learn TinkerCAD 1 year ago for 3D printing. I saw this competition in TinkerCAD and I knew I had to enter it. TinkerCAD wasn't easy but not hard too, it is in the middle and it's just for beginners. I started as a hobby and after a few months I saw that I'm printing really useful and interesting things. I think I've talked enough so, now we can begin.


  • Internet Connection,
  • TinkerCAD Account,
  • Computer.

Step 1: Dragstale

I think this is the best of all. This is the Dargstale. As you can see it's a mashup of a castle and a dragon. After my brother gave me this idea, I was like 'Ahha!'. The hardest part of this design was to set square blocks on cylinder walls but after I figured out what to do, it wasn't as difficult as before.

Step 2: Shielsa

This is a mix of Medusa's snakes and Perseus shield. Actually I did a different shield but the original one is Perseus. This idea came from Caravaggio's 'Scudo con testa di Medusa' painting. In the myth Perseus approaches her without looking at Medusa and cuts her head with his sword in one move. Everyone can look at a shield but no one can look Shielsa because if you look at it you turn to stone.

Step 3: Bident Bolt

This is a mix of Hades's Bident and Zeus's Lightning Bolt. I love these kinds of weapons so I wanted to do something with them. This design (I think) was the easiest but the most enjoyable design. Thanks for reading and looking at my design. Hope you enjoy!