N64 Ikea Detlof Display Cabinet - Extra Shelves

Introduction: N64 Ikea Detlof Display Cabinet - Extra Shelves

I started this project out of a desire to display my N64 collection in a way that fit the grown-up aesthetics of my apartment. I had seen similar tutorials that either added acrylic risers (I didn't like that look) and others using the glass however they either had a connection to cut glass or the option was to pay a large sum per shelf. I didn't want to cut the glass myself and when I called a local glass shop, it was $8.50/shelf. I began exploring options until I found an option that provided the best of both worlds by giving me glass shelves for about the price of risers and without dealing with cutting your own glass and worrying about buying those supplies or the glass breaking. Obviously this project doesn't just have to be for N64 but instead whatever collectibles you wish to display.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  • Ikea Detlof Shelf ($60)
  • 3/16 Wire Rope Clips ($0.78/Each) x 4*The number of shelves you wish to add
  • 12"x16" Glass ($3.69/Each) x However many shelves you want to add (Depending on how many you need you can get larger pieces cut into multiple smaller ones to save a little money)
  • A Lowe's Home Improvement Store with glass cutting service
  • Crescent Wrench (To tighten clips to the cabinet posts)
  • Tape Measure (To ensure clips are level on the posts)
  • Sharpie (To ensure clips are level on the posts)

Step 2: Get Glass Cut at Lowe's

If your Lowe's location has the glass cutting service, it should be located in the hardware section. I would call ahead to confirm. All you have to do is politely inform the person that you need however many shelves that you want and their size. You obviously will need to buy your glass from Lowe's. 11.5"x15" worked perfectly for mine but I would suggest that you measure yours ahead of time to be safe. This is a fairly quick process and they will wrap your shelves with a heavy paper to prevent cutting yourself or scratching the glass (The edges of these cut pieces are quite sharp).

Step 3: Purchase and Install Wire Clips

Since I was at Lowe's already, I got my wire clips here as well. They were located in the hardware section as well and only cost $0.78/each. You will need 4 of them for each shelf that you add. I added 6 shelves so I had to buy 24 so it only cost me $18.72. Next when you get home you will just need to equally space them along the side rails of the cabinet and tighten them with a crescent wrench. I would use a tape measure to be sure they are all equal because other wise they may fall once weight is placed on them.

Step 4: Rest Shelves on Top of Wire Clips

Next you will balance each shelf upon its 4 wire clips. Make sure there is no wobble now to prevent issues once you place your items on it. If they don't sit perfectly even, adjust the wire clips now. I would work from bottom to top because you have to carefully work the shelf through the posts and on top of the wire clips because it will chip the glass if it bumps the metal.

Step 5: Add Your Collectibles to the Shelves and Enjoy Displaying Them

I was able to to fit an N64 and its matching controller for each one that I had per shelf.

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    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! It took quite a while to put together. I hope to eventually add the missing controllers.