Introduction: N64 PC Retro Game

And yes everything is in the title.
A real computer in a N64 case with N64 USB stick.

More whole bunch of games and retro emulator for a good bit of fun.

My wife will be happy.

Step 1: The Victim and Materials

A N64 HS, it'll help me make a nice retro gift for my wife

Some stuff as you can see to a normal pc.

Step 2: Disassemble and Clean

Yes a big part, disassemble and clean N64. I use some 300 grit sand paper and break cleaner to remove grease.

after the tricky part, remove all the electronic equipment and make maximum space by removing the plastic bothers us.

And some cleaning...

Step 3: Hardware Customisation

I use the original plastic disk to protect it from shocks.
The start button is attached with glue and a protection grid is placed below the slot game with hot glue.

Step 4: Paint and Reassemble

My favorite part, painting.
I used blue, red, gray and black for a Mario theme.

3 coats of paint plus a protective varnish layer.

A difficult thing is to get all the material in the case.
Not easy but after two attempts, everything goes perfectly.

A little more, the controllers are USB ports, it's nice to connect the controller in the ports of origin.

Step 5: Power Supply Modification

For the power supply I had to 12V / 10A least a chance the xbox is very greedy and I retrieve a power supply of 12V / 12.5A.
A small change to a standard jack and a small switch for turning on and off the power supply.

And voila my little beauty. Some pictures of the finished product very quickly.

Step 6: Conclusion

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