Introduction: N95 Melt Blown Disposable Sheet Shaper, 3D Printed, 2 Part Clamshell Open Mesh N95 Mask; Each Medical Worker's Face Is Scanned to Custom Fit Comfortably Up Against the Outer Open Mesh Shell Form B - a Personalized Reusable N95 Mask Concept…

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Our FRONT LINE HEROES need this thing so design your best / build it and they will live !!!

  • The Reusable Open Mesh Shell forms A & B contour the sterile N95 disposable melt blown sheets, locked down magnetically between forms A & B to produce the reusable N95 3D printed mask.

  • Allowing side venting with no valve placed on this concept mask, although not perfect, will disperse the user breath exhale to both sides of the face and not directly in front where close proximity could disperse the virus of an infected wearer of the mask directly onto another person.
  • Allow for slight irregular form B edge against medical workers face to enhance breath exhale comfort. This "slight" slender gaping allows the N95 melt blown sheet to seal onto the face under "inhale" and gap up slightly upon breath "exhale". Only a slender gap is required to allow the N95 melt blown sheet to flutter softly between seal & exhale breathing. NOTE: The mask area under the eyes should be flush to avoid "fogging" any eye wear protective gear: [ see rectangular orange, green & white colored image depicting irregular form B edge against medical workers face ]

  • This 3D open source design concept SAVES BIG $$$; compared to those Blister Packaging N95 masks arriving from "made in China"?

This is a Clam-shell reusable exo-skeletal mask parts A & B held together by eight magnets; A hold 4 magnets & B holds the marrying other 4 magnets

Various Mask Textiles explained via Seoul Korea reference link such as:

Wikipedia Melt Blown Fabric reference link:

to reference link between N95 mask & melt blown; hot link "nonwoven polypropylene"

Wikipedia N95 mask reference link:

Medical Standards link:


Parts A & B together will nest into one another to seal the functional mask; the N95 melt blown sheet is sandwiched in between & resides secured by magnetic bond between Parts A & B with the N95 sheet exposed over the outer edge of part B.

Part B which should be formed from a scanned medical workers face to custom fit to the medical worker's face who must wear a mask under extreme conditions of stress & time spent attending our injured.

The Melt Blown N95 Fabric is secured BETWEEN PARTS A & B which are secured with 4 sets of magnets

This mask system is using medical grade rolls of N95 fabric / this mask will accommodate the sheets of N95 cut to insert in between parts A & B

The clam-shell A & B snap together outside the N95 sheet [ when the N95 sheet is no longer desired it can then be discarded and replaced with a new / sterile N95 sheet ]

Using the raw melt-blown fabrics flexibility to conform onto the half clam shell shape insures a tight fit without any leakage or exposed open areas of the N95 sheet against the face since the clam shell surface will force over flow of N95 sheet onto the skin surface where the medical worker is given the option to trim away the N95 sheet excess to best fit the face thus securing a tight compressed fit of sheet over the breathing face.

[ The N95 melt blown "sheet over hang" is very important since this fabric spreading out and over the 3D printed Clam Shell Form B is cushioned up against the face and securely held in place under compression by traditional elastic strapping. ]

Very Important to replace the melt-blown material every day [ CLEAN THE MASK FRAME EVERYDAY ]

This compression secures the fit and isolation of the medical users face inside the clam shell mask system. The 3D formed open mesh mask parts A & B can be disinfected in an alcohol bath making the 3D mask forms REUSABLE / throw out the used N95 sheet and replace with a new N95 sterilized sheet cut from standard industrial N95 melt blown fabric rolls readily available at a fraction of the cost of the individual masks arriving here from China; they are blocking shipments and or charging way too much money for the N95 masks link:

even selling the world very dangerous masks link:

After use the 3D printed "reusable" Surgical Mask cleaned in an alcohol bath will sterilize the 3D printed open mesh parts A & B allowing the new insertion of a fresh sterilized unused N95 melt blown fabric sheet .

Outer Mesh form B should match the medical workers face securely via various YouTube 3D scanning methods such as:

MEDICAL WORKERS FACES CAN BE SCANNED TO CONFORM TOPICAL LOCATIONS OF EACH MEDICAL WORKERS FACE attaining a perfect fitting of the medical workers face to the 3D printed Outer Mesh form B.

At the time of this publication there are "no 3D print files" of this project [ it is up to you to design the necessary open source files required to accomplish the 3D printed open mesh - your completed 3D files should be open source released for hospital staff to download & build their own masks ]

I've added a pink heart design to the pictures [ be creative ! these masks can be anything the medical worker wants ! Made In USA, favorite team ! personalized name ! what ever you can think of ! ]

& yes the pink heart does look like a little "pink mustache" !

Remember the N95 masks and shields are hiding our medical workers / personalized 3D printed symbols let the hospital patients know who is who !

Any questions? Lay it on me :)


Henry Ziesing

R.I.P. FROM COVID-19 PANDEMIC April 7th, 2020 : Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr Hal Willner for all of the love you generously gave to all of us

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