Introduction: NARKOL CHHAPA ( Coconut Sweet)

NARKOL CHHAPA a Bengal delicacy is absolutely GLUTEN free. Coconut is an easily available in Bengal & in coastal areas of India. It is a traditional recipe which is prepared for all auspicious occasions.It is easy to make and found universal appeal in the Bengal and adjoining areas. Narkol chhapa is not only an ethnic mouth watering delicacy but also provide wholesome nutrition.

Step 1: Ingredient :

Fresh coconut:: One whole,

Sugar: 250 gms.

Milk: 1/2 cup,

Green cardamom 4 to 5,

Ghee (clarified butter) 1 table spoon,

Raisins: For garnishing

Cashew nuts: For garnishing

Rose Patel: For garnishing.

Miscellaneous items.

Non stick pan set

Wooden Non-Stick Spoons

Induction Cook top

Bengali Sweet Molds

Measuring Plastic Spoon

Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Step 2: Method :

At the outset, grate the fresh coconut, make a paste of it with milk and green cardamom. After that, pour the paste in the thick bottom deep frying pan with sugar and place it on the gas burner, start stirring the paste constantly until it starts separating from the pan. Now turn off the gas burner and transfer the paste to a ceramic plate. Meanwhile, brush the clay mould with Ghee (Clarified butter), take a small portion of the hot cooked coconut paste and place on the mould and press it gently with fingers to get the impression of the mould. Then unmould it to get the final product which is absolutely Gluten free. Finally, garnish it with raisins, cashew nut and rose petals. The Narkol Chhapa is ready to serve, it can be preserved for a few days.

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