NASA Astronaut Flight Suit (SIMPLE)

Introduction: NASA Astronaut Flight Suit (SIMPLE)

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The NASA flight suit is a classic and it is very simple and relatively cost effective to make. Depending on size you may need to do a little sewing, but nothing very complicate.

A friend showed me how to make mine (a massive thank you to Rosa!), and few people have asked for instructions and links.

Let me know if you make one,


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Step 1: The Basic Light Royal Blue Suit and Hat

These elements are readily available on eBay. I have seen the suit made with a boiler suit that zips, although the only option I could find in stock at the time has poppers (either works). Here is the suit I ended up going for.

The hat is available in pretty much the same colour, or slightly darker or white. Here is the hat I went for. I choose to go for 'blue' which is very close to the suit colour.

Step 2: Getting the Suit to Fit

Boiler suits aren't very form fitting and although you will want to move in your suit (and a little oversized works well) you may want to do a few alterations. I added elastic to the front waist band, took in the arms and legs a little bit and sewed over some existing darts to make it a little more form fitting. I was careful to not mess to much with the key seams (under the arms and at the crotch). Some of these alterations will depend on the size you bought and the fit you are going for. I had to roll up the sleeves and take up the legs, as they were a little long.

Step 3: Badge Placement

Next is the all important badges. I did a bit of googling and decided to opt for one of the modern layouts, but you can choose from a few- please let me know if you know the significance of any of these placings, I would love to know more!

I went for (the links I used are below):

2x Nasa Badges (one for the suit and one for the cap)

1X Space Pilot

1X American Flag, with white outline

1X Space Explorer Badge (not pictured as it had not arrived when I wrote this)

You can see my placement from the suit picture, I ironed on the patches, but then also tacked them on as I found that after wearing the suit for a while they peeled off. The cap doesn't take the iron on backing, so I just pinned and then sewed into place.

Nasa Badge and Space Pilot

American Flag

Space Explorer Badge

Step 4: Example of Nasa Badge

Here is the placement of my NASA suit Patch

Step 5: Space Pilot Badge

Here is the Space Pilot Patch Placement

Step 6: American Flag Badge

I went for the American Flag Patch on the arm

Step 7: The NASA Badge on the Hat

This was the most difficult to sew as you don't want to sew it to the mesh inside. I pinned in in place and then wore my hat for a few hours to reshape it (it got a little squashed).

Step 8: Wear Your Suit to All Occasions

My first suit outing was to a Halloween party where I went as a Zombie space explorer. This was also the outing that I learnt that you should sew the badges on, not just be lazy and iron them. I am planning many more outfits for my suit- from food shopping, going for coffee with friends and watching re-runs of BBC2's Astronauts: Do you have what it takes.

Let me know if you make your own suit and the badges you choose to use :)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    The costume looks great and the zombie makeup :D


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you, I loved playing with the latex and fake blood. So much fun! - Ruth