Introduction: NCC Staff & Faculty Guide: Using a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Personal Account

NCC staff and faculty can request personal Blackboard Collaborate Ultra accounts to use for student appointments, online workshop hosting, and more. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is very student friendly because it is a web-based video conferencing system that doesn't require students to download software. The tool can also be accessed from a mobile device.



microphone (built in or plug in)

web-camera (built in or plug in)

Step 1: Contact NCC's Online Learning Office to Request an Account

Staff and faculty can request an account by contacting NCC's Online Learning Office. Email or call 610-332-6089.

Once your account is set-up, you will be emailed your unique username and password as well as the link to access the tool.

Step 2: Log in Using Your Personal Credentials

Note that while the username is not case sensitive, passwords are.

Step 3: Starting a Session

After opening the sessions section (left side toolbar), click "create session" link at the top of the page.

A toolbar will appear prompting you to select your desired settings.

Click "save" when you are done customizing your session settings.

Step 4: Share Link and Join Room

Your saved session that you just set up will now be listed on your "sessions" page.

Click the icon to the right of the session name.

Click "copy guest link" and paste the link to the session in an email, web page, or anywhere else you'd want to share the link to the video conferencing session.

Click "join session" to begin the video conferencing session.

Step 5: Tools and Navigation Within the Video Conference

Review this video to better understand how to use different tools and features including recording, chat, and content sharing.

Step 6: Contact NCC's Online Learning Office With Questions

For additional instruction, feel free to contact NCC's Online Learning Office. Email or call 610-332-6089.