Introduction: NEC Official SmokeBangs

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The NEC brings you the SmokeBang. Designed to confuse enemies.

NOTE- I stopped playing minecraft, so ignore my username, i already used my change.

Step 1: Materials


-1 gram magnesium powder each

-1 gram DIY rocket propellant each

Step 2: Unwrap and Add

Carefully unwrap the Pop-Its and cover the rocks with Magnesium Powder (Mg). Then carefully add the rocket propellant. Wrap them back inside their paper casings and store inside the sawdust they came in. NEC Nerf Elite Corps soldiers can carry these and throw them to confuse the enemy. I am researching on how to change the smoke color as well.

Step 3: Additional Information


  1. Remove SmokeBang from sawdust.
  2. Throw at desired area.
  3. Smoke fills the area along with the traditional report.


  1. Do not throw at face or eyes. May blind people.
  2. Use in ventilated areas. Remember this phrase SMOKE EQUALS CHOKE.
  3. Do not throw at flammable items, especially hazardous liquids.