“NEELAM”- “THE CLAY PEN HOLDER (without Using Clay)”




Introduction: “NEELAM”- “THE CLAY PEN HOLDER (without Using Clay)”


This is basically a “pen holder”, made up of Gl(galvanized iron) wire (or we can use simple aluminum wire), which gives a look of “pen holder” made up of “CLAY”. It’s non-uniform structure gives luring effect to many extent. I named this product as “NEELAM”, because of it’s contrasting color effect.


For that we just need;

1. GI (Galvanized iron) wire (of approx 1or 2m)

2. Some papers

3. Transparent adhesive tape

4. Electrical wiring adhesive tape (blue or black)

5. Some colors

6. Any solid material (cylindrical or cubical)

Step 2:


What to do;

1. Take your GI wire wire & roll it along the solid material tightly so that, it could obtain that shape.

2. Now take a rectangular shaped white paper, &color it along both of it's sides (advisable to color with black, else it’s your choice).

3. Now back to your obtained shape with GI wire wire, disturb it’s uniformity to little extent in order to give some luring effect.

4. Now wrap it with your wiring tape all along the shape in order to cover it completely.

5. Also cover the bottom of that shape, with adhesive tape.

6. Then insert your colored paper inside the previously obtained shape, in order to cover it from inside.

7. Also apply some tapes at the edges in order to give a finishing look to your “pen holder”.

8. Finally your “pen holder” is ready.

7. According to wish you can cover your holder, with transparent adhesive tape, in order to make it more stronger.

9. Finally you are done with a beautiful pen holder on your desk.

And now you can use it as a beautiful pen holder, or decorative flower pot or as any other thing according to your wish!!!!!!

Good luck!!!!!!l

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    putting a spring for a pencil holder is very unique, well done!