Do you want an original costume that will leave the whole world enlightened?

This is your project!

A costume with arduino technology, where you can program your own light sequence. As soon as you put it on, you will transform into a luminous skeleton. Where thanks to some buttons that you will have in your hands, you will control your own light. It also contains a distance sensor, so when someone approaches you, the eyes of the costume will turn on.

What are you waiting for? Make yours at home!

A perfect costume for COVID-19 times that covers your nose and mouth and includes a sensor, that when someone invades your safety distance the LEDs that form the eyes of the skeleton light up.


- pins


-tape measure

-neon thread (

-arduino UNO


-Red led x2

-distance sensor -

Resistors 220ohms X4

-Cable 10m

-Fabric 2x1m (preferible black)




-computer with arduino


-sawing machine (optional)

Step 1: STEP 1: CUT & SEW

For our first step we are going to take the fabric and cut the patterns out of it.

We have attached a pdf document with the patterns that we used (M unisex size). You can print the document in din-A0 and just cut them. You can also create your own patterns, make a dress, a hoodie, a jumpsuit,...let your imagination flow!

- Once you have your patterns, display them on your piece of fabric. Measure everything properly to make sure that you take advantage of all the space.

- Stick the patterns to the fabric with pins, tape or weights (as we did) and then cut following the shape.

- Finally sew each of the parts (1 front, 1 back, 2 sleves and 2 sides of the hood)

(You can skip this step by buying black clothes or as we prefer, using old or recycled ones)


In this second step we made the circuit and created the code that provides the functions of the suit with the use of arduino.

- Copy the circuit shown in the photo avobe with your arduino kit.

- Take the led thread buyed from amazon and break the case that contains the batteries, resulting in the piece shown in picture 4. Solder one cable at the positive end of the piece, another at the negative end, and finally one at the button leg, like shown in picture 5. (this part is very important because it contains a converter that will make our led work)

- Now it's time to solder all the parts, including the new converted from the step before. Follow the diagram shown as the sixth picture as a guide. Atention to the distance of your cables depending on which type of costume you are using or where you want to put the elements. (Recomendation: measure everything before you finally solder)

- Once every element of our circuit is solded, it's time to attach the structure to the costume by sewing or glueing each part.

-copy the code of the document txt in your computer (arduino app) and connect the arduino uno to your computer. Once the program is charged you can disconnect the arduino board an plug and external portable batery (like the ones to charge your phone) so you can move arround with the costume.

It's time to enjoy halloween with your NEON SKELETON SPOOKY COSTUME!

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