Introduction: NERF Wall Peg Hanger 3D Printed

This instructable will show how to mount and display your toy gun blaster collection. I use them to mount NERF, Zuru X-shot, and other toy guns. Using a 3D printer you can print these wall pegs that will adhere to the wall using 3M command strips. They are more cost effect than the 3M command hooks.

NERF wall peg hanger 3D printed

Step 1: Needed

Originally I was going to use 3M command wire hooks but they turned out to be about $3 each. And it wasn't cost effective since I need 2 hooks per blaster. And it'll end up costing at least $6. I decided to design and print my own wall pegs instead. You will still need some double sided tape of some sort. The large 3M command strips are perfect since they they adhere to the wall really well and they can be removed without ripping off your paint. They are also a lot more cost effect compared to the 3M hooks.

Command Refill Strips, Large, White, 6-Strips

Command Wire Hook, Large, White, 1-Hook

Step 2: Print Wall Pegs

Download the STL file from I print them at 0.20 layer height with ABS using my Da Vinci 1.0 3D printer. Try to print a few at a time so each layer has sufficient time to cool between. If you print just one or 2, it could end up being a blob.

NERF wall peg hanger 3D printed

Step 3: Put It Together

Stick the large command strips onto the pegs.

Step 4: Plan

Have someone hold the toy blasters while you figure out where to you want them mounted. Mark the location and stick it to the wall. Make sure your wall is clean so the 3M strips adhere better.

Step 5: Finish

I use this method to mount NERF / Zuru X-shot and many other toy guns. Watch the video for more information.