Introduction: NES Controller USB Belt Bottleopener

This is an Instructable how to make the ultimate retro-gamer tool, the NES Controller USB Bottleopener.
This is an option to play NES games on PC with a real NES Controller and besides not to have to search for a tool to open your beer.

Step 1: What You Need

USB Gamepad (I used a cheap one from Thrustmaster)
Mini-USB Connector
USB Cable (Mini-USB Plug to USB Type-A Plug)

Block of Aluminium (5x12x1 cm)
Milling Machine (if you do not can use one, there is still an alternative)
2 screws


Small phillips head screwdriver
Soldering iron
Hot glue gun (or super-glue, or anything good for plastic)
Dremel (or something to make holes and grind)

Step 2: Dismount the Cases

To dismount the cases just use your screwdriver and remove the screws. Also remove the circuits and clean every piece of the NES controller (We had to do this ;) ).

Step 3: Manufacture the Belt Buckle

When milling the NES Buckle you have to remark two things. First, the sideholes have to be at least as lenght as the belt an secondly you need a mechanism to keep the controller in place. We used two screws where the controller can be rotated on and two little raisings in the aluminium to give it even more grip.

Step 4: Prepare the NES Controller Case

On the backside we drilled the attachment mechanism and removed some plastic (have a look at the picture). Also on the frontside we had to remove some of the inner parts and edge the hole fitting to the USB connector.

Step 5: Prepare and Solder the Circuit Boards

This is the most difficult part. Now you have to cut the boards. Now we map the old conducting paths up to the new controller.
So you have to drill some holes in the boards and wire them (take a look at the picture).

Step 6: Finishing Up

Put anything together. Use some glue to fix the USB Connector and screw everything down.

Now have fun at playing NES games and drinking beer ;) .