Introduction: NES Controller Wallet

How to make a wallet out of a NES controller

Step 1: Tools

You need:

- 1 screwdriver
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 NES controller
- Ducktape / Large tape
- Tape in any color you like

Not in the picture:

- Strong glue or 10 sec glue.
- A little piece of velcro.

Step 2: Opening the NES Controller

The first thing you need to do is to open the controller, this should be very easy.
Just take the smallest screwdriver you've got and take the screws out of the controller.
After this, you have two pieces of controller.

Step 3: Take the Inside Out of the Controller.

Take out the inside of the controller, but leave the buttons inside.
If you take them out by accident, don't worry, you can easily put them in again.

Step 4: Stick the Buttons on the Inside.

As you might notice, the button's will fall out of you turn the controller up side down.
This is why you need to stick them to the plastic of the controller.

Take little pieces of tape and stick them over the buttons and against the sides of the button holes.

Step 5: Cover the Inside With Tape

After taping the buttons, you need to cover the rest with tape, this causes a neat inside.
First cover 'm up with regular tape, or duck tape.

After that, you need to cover it with any kind of tape you like.
I used black tape for the inside. Check out the pictures to see how I did it.

Step 6: Taping the Two Pieces Together

Now we're gonna tape the two pieces together. My black tape ran out so I used red tape instead.

First you tape the inside, just stick to pieces of tape together and place them on top of the controller pieces and press them a little. Make sure that there's some space between them, so that there's more room in your wallet compartment later on.

Then you turn the controller and you'll notice that this side is sticky. So just stick little pieces of tape over it to make it more solid and no longer sticky on the outside.

Step 7: Making the Sides.

The two controllerpieces are sticking together now, but money can still fall out, so let's make the sides!

- Make 2 pieces of tape and fold them in half. Make sure that both sides do not stick to the surface.

- After that, stick the folded pieces to the controller. The folded sides on the inside!

- Then cut the pieces that are superfluous

  • You might notice that in one corner a piece of plastic is sticking out. To make the movement of your wallet fluently, just cut a little bit out of the side and everything is OK again!

Step 8: Making the Compartment

Your wallet is almost ready. If you like, you can make money compartments. But you should see for yourself ofcourse. This is how I did it:

- Make a piece of tape that doesn't stick on both sides. Cut the sides of in a diagonal direction. This'll make it fit between the sides.

- Tape the side of the piece of tape to the sides of well yeah, the sides of the controller :P!

- After that, tape the lower side of the piece of tape to the bottom of the controller.

Step 9: Closing Your Wallet

As you might have noticed, your wallet still opens instantly.

I was planning to solve this with Velcro, but I didn't have it at the time.
I will post some pics if I've done that.
But, I can still explain how to do it:

- Take some glue (10 sec glue is the best) and some velcro.
- Cut a little piece out of the midsection that separates the two compartments. This makes room for the velcro.
- Than put a little bit of glue on the rear side of the velcro and on the controller.
- Stick the velcro to the controller.
- Repeat this on the other side.
- Let it dry for a while.
- And voila, you can close and open your wallet properly!