Introduction: NES Game PDA

This project will show you how to take an old NES game and turn it into a useful, and "gamingly stylish" awesome PDA. This is definitely the thing you want to be able to pull out when your friends are showing off their PDA's.

Step 1: Supplies

You need an old NES game that you don't want to play anymore. I used JAWS. You also need a PDA. I used a Sharp YOP20. I strongly recommend it because of it's size, shape and price. I got mine a few years ago for about $20. You also need a screwdriver, electrical tape, glue and a Dremel Tool or some sort of hobby plastic cutting tool.

Step 2: Prepare the Parts

First, you open the PDA and take out the motherboard with the screen attached. Make sure you have all of the buttons necesary to use the PDA. Next, take apart the game case. Remove the guts. Now, place the PDA motherboard with screen in the area you would like it to be inside the game case. Cut out any extra pieces of plastic so that the PDA fits flat inside the game case.

Step 3: Cutting the Case

Next, measure the PDA screen and trace the area onto the inside of the front of the game case. Then, cut out the traced area. Next, measure where the on/off button and any extra buttons you would like should be placed and trace them onto the case. Then, cut them out too.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now, put the buttons, screen and motherboard in place. Make sure they line up with the holes that you cut. Glue the edges of the motherboard and screen in place. Next, the part that took me awhile to figure out how to do...getting the battery in. It looks kind of messy, but all I did was tape the battery into place using electrical tape.

Step 5: Finished

Put the back of the game case in place and screw it all together. Press the "On" button, enter your contacts and appointments and amaze your friends with your totally cool, NES Game PDA.