Introduction: NES Controller Guitar Killswitch

Hi! today I'm gonna teach you how I made my own guitar killswitch out of a dead NES controller, I know there are tons of instructables on how to wire up a killswitch out there but this one is muuuuuuuuch neater =D no seriously, if you're a guitar playing geek you're gonna love it... So let's get started :)

Objects needed:
2.Nes controller
3.Small wires

Tools Needed:
1. Small philips head screwdriver
2.Soldering Iron and solder
3.gloves, if you're the kind of person who often forgets that touching a soldering iron is not that fun...

NOTE: the button that will kill the sound when the whole thong is done will be the a button, you can change that if you like, but the a button is my personnal favorite...

Step 1: Open Up the Controller

First remove the small screws from the back of the NES controller.
IMPORTANT NOTE: KEEP THE SCERWS IN A PLACE YOU WON'T LOSE THEM, you're going to need them later :)

Step 2: Take Out the PCB

Now remove the back part of the controller and carefully take out the Printed Circuit Board

Step 3: Solder Wires to the PCB

Now solder the end of your wires to the a button terminals

Step 4: Cut the Actual NES Controller's Wire

Now, on the other side of the circuit board, you should see the beginning of the controller's wire, that looks like five colored wires going into a black rubber tube, cut that, you won't need it.

Step 5: Replace Everything

Now place the circuit board back in place, and make sure your previously soldered wires run out form it, put back all the screws in place

Step 6:

Now, remove the screws on the guitar output and take the whole thing out
Then, solder the other ends of the wires to the output jack

There should be three metallic branches on the jack, solder the wires to the ones where there's already wires soldered, it doesn't matter which goes where

Step 7: Close Everything

Screw back the output jack in place, tape the controller to your guitar (optional) and VOILA, you have a NES controller killswitch activated by the a button, now go, and show off to all your friends :)